At Digital Strategies CD Printing Pvt. Ltd., we have dedicated Digital CD/DVD printing equipment with robotic non-touch technique for multicolour direct CD/DVD surface printing all in accordance with processes adhering strictly to the standard industry practice and ensuring the high quality of product and service. The efficiency of digital printing provides high quality on demand CD printing duplication. It has the capabilities to produce any size of short run inserts like (regular 120 mm, mini CD, business card CD and DVD) wherein we can save time, money and effort in the publication of quality CDs 

Few orders become possible because they are printed digitally so the manufacturers can save on the film and plates that usually offset and screen-printing require. So no separation, no positives, no plates required as the images are Digitally Transferred directly on the CD/ DVD Digitally. The artists, desktop publishers, IT departments, musicians and songwriters, publishers, record labels, software development companies and even Education Centers and Schools are the usual clients of short run services. 

This CD/ DVDs are put to use in business presentations and seminars, cruises, travel and vacation, home movies, photo and solo album collections, recreational and sporting events, schools and graduation events, weddings, holidays, and other family events.